Sometime back mIMG_5804y friend Keziah invited me to a fashion show where she was going to showcase her designs through her label Eziah. I knew she was a designer because I had seen some of her great creations on social media, but this time I was going to see them live. I had never been to a fashion show, I have only seen them on TV. These fashion events look like the most glamorous events one may ever attend. You get to see how people out there are thinking beyond what to cook for dinner and what selfie to upload on Instagram. I know, I know am a loyal fan of Instagram. Anyhu, I was excited about the event and quickly agreed to the invite and plus I love to support my friends.You never know how great that support will retaliate towards your life. (So Keziah, the day you get hosted at the New York Fashion Week, please please, please….remember me in your complimentary. I will be your loudest cheerleader, I promise!) its my humble request.

The d-day arrived and I literally turned my closet upside to find something to wear. I was going for the fashion show remember?!! and I did not have one dress that fit the crazy weather outside. Honestly speaking being on route matatu depresses me when it comes to outfits. You are very limited. Very.

I quickly prepped myself and made my way to the venue. We will kindly not discuss the weather, the journey and the location, so we will cut straight to Eziah’s catwalk.

The momentIMAG0789[1] the models stepped out to the runway, the atmosphere completely changed. Everyone’s eyes were on the models. The oohs and aahs rented the air. Sophisticated could not describe the dresses enough. Designed from short to long. The best thing about Eziah Designs is that they fit almost all circles of people. From the ladies who love to flaunt them legs and the ones who love themcovered up.

The elegance of how the dresses fit the body and revealed the African body well sized contours. The long slit that shouts to the world “Come see these legs!” The A-line dress that gives you a certain swing while walking. I was seated there with my newly found friend Marianne and I could tell we were both itching to steal those dresses and make them our own.


I imagine myself in an Eziah dress, and my daydreaming activities go on a high. It was a magical experience seeing your friend’s dream come to reality in style. This was the moment you start questioning your beliefs and you realize that half the time you spend whining about third world problems, someone somewhere is trying to solve them.

The crowd was really pleased with my friend’s designs that she got double chance to walk the runway and get their photos taken the second time. If she wasn’t my friend,  I would have whispered “Favoritism” notice the word whisper! because to tell you the truth she did steal the show, TWICE!!!

Eziah has a touch of different materials from different countries in Africa. Its not the normal vitenge that everyone is yapping about but has its own sexy and unique touch to it. The ladies also complimented the designs with their to die for physique. I could tell, the men were having their fun especially, the photographerswho got the ladies to pose for them in all angles.

I remember Marianne and I actually trying to imitate their swing but lo and behold, the walk is restricted to authorized personnel only. I stuck to my JD (JobDescription) cheering. From all these hullabaloo of cheers and genuine stares, I decided on my next outfit for the upcoming wedding I will be attending in August dressed IMAG0781[1]by Eziah. Probably, I will finally wave the singlehood byebye and say hello to a new man.

Eziah Designs did us proud. All the shebang! of the ultimate fashion show went go down.

I will practice on my catwalk and Keziah can get busy on working on an outfit that my size 16 Hips can swing in. 

I don’t think you would want to miss the next  one, because we will soon be going to New York and I will post pictures on Instagram and on my blog to floss of this great victory.

Otherwise, for now am getting my fitting ready for an outfit that will blow your mind. Watch this space.

Shalom my friends!!



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