I nice girlhave always been those girls who really hate getting into trouble but unfortunately the feeling is not mutual hence trouble likes getting into my life.

As I was seated in the matatu, I was thinking about how my day was going to play out but  I didn’t know the nature of job I was going to carry out today. However, it did not matter, they were going to pay me and I was happy with that arrangement, the rest of the interrogations I will keep to myself.

Back to the matatu, I sat in traffic while counting cars that I would like to drive one day and eyeing people’s relationships happen in the wee of the morning, telling apart newly married couples to lifelong relationships, to middle-life crisis relationships and so on and so forth.

I was so busy poking my nose into other people’s lives through, I did not notice that the matatu had stopped.

No sooner had I realized that everybody was fidgeting while trying to put on their seat belts than the Cop entered the vehicle and I was the only individual without one on. Seriously, the remains of what seemed like a seat belt once upon a time was what I was supposed to put on but it was too late to claim any justice. My brain and my hands did not coordinate. “Leo ni leo!” I murmured to myself. There was no way I was getting out of this one.

The police man led me to their Mahindra where I joined a few slow fellas like me. This day was supposed to get better not worse. My hair!! I was supposed to save it from this agony of looking like a stepchild. Today was the day, even a bribe would not work because I was poorer than a church mouse. I was literally counting on the wages of the day after using the only 50bob I got on bus fare.

Sasa what am I going to do? I decided to call my dad before the policeman decides to take my phone.

Me: “Dad nimeshikwa!!”

Dad: Na Nani?

Me: Karao…aki hata sina bob

Dad: What were you upto?

Me: Seat belt …apparently people still wear seat belts even after Michuki died!

Dad: Hahahaha….am sure it is nothing serious. Watakuachilia soon.

Me: Aki Dad save me…sina hata bob

Dad: wakikupeleka cell nipigie! *hangs up*

Am finished. I think my dad confuses me for the son he always wanted. Being independent can work against you at times. I sigh then call my sister. She panics and tells me to update in case they take me to the cell. Her advice, use your charm!!

I wanted to cry, no one was helping me out of this situation. The policeman came back and ordered the driver to take us to Pangani  Police Station. I wasn’t even given a chance to use my charm. he just got in and we moved. This Cop must have been an angry one. Hakuna kujitetea!!!

We got there, and I felt like a form one student on admission day. Every other cop ogled at us like the fresh blood waiting for torture. Some made fun, others chuckled and the rest just made sarcastic loud remarks like “haha leo mlipatikana!!” “huyu anakaa hajawahi kuja hapa tena” “karibu jela!” “huyu anaweza kuwa bibi wa pili ni mrembo!” I still couldn’t believe that I had actually arrived.

All my wittiness, my sense of humor, smiles just died, all I could think of was I was going to a cell. We stayed outside for a while before they invited us in to register our names and I knew this is actually happening. I had tried calling both my sister and my dad again but their phones did not go through. I only realized later, I did not have credit. I could feel tears form in my eyes. They were hot and heavy.

While registering our names, I asked a certain young lady if she could help me with her phone. She agreed and I tried calling my dad again but to no avail. Trouble had been paid double of what its paid on normal days. It seemed it had a meeting with my enemies and they agreed to ruin me.

I just texted my dad and told him I was in Pangani police station and left it at that. The day was on its heels and before I knew it was almost 4 o’clock. We had sat at the reception for than 5 hours being mocked and ridiculed by every cop who passed by. The police man who put us in this predicament, call us and asked us to remove one of our shoes. Nikajua nikunoma. and then our ornaments..shida! what next? ornaments mpaka mshipi ni ornaments.

After all the whole exercise was over, I was more than devastated. You know I have always been a good child, good grades, excellent communication, I never thought I would ever be in a situation likeJail cell 2 this but Alas! Trouble is magnetic to me once again.

By now, its almost 7 o’clock and we were getting into the dark cells without windows. I could hear loud laughters and noises from inside. “Wairimu ona hawa wameingia, waambie wasikalie kitanda yangu” Am in shock! What bed?! there are beds? “I could not see a glimpse of the floor or even the women who were now insulting us. I knew my life was over!! I was literally tiptoeing in a cell that I had no idea what was where. I found an empty space and I sat right there.


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