He texted me early Saturday morning but my phone was offline since Friday night. It was that time of the month,’pay day’ when am expected to send Saima the chama money but unfortunately I am in debt after treating myself to a new gadget in the household. Saima will have to wait, Matheka my friend from church owes me money and He was to send by Saturday and am literally sitted at the edge of the seat waiting.
The ‘he’ in the earlier statement is a suitor, let’s call him Adrian (FYI that’s a cute name so no offense to Adrians out there). He was a cute guy I met a while back at a function in Upper Hill. He was tall, dark and handsome, the true definition of what every girl’s ideal man would look like. I liked the way he would look at me, like he was starring into my soul. He had a way with words and was very easy to talk to. I was intrigued by his stimulating conversations. We lasted three hours together at the function laughing, teasing and once in a while stare into each other’s eyes like the night belonged to us alone. It has been a while since I had one of these nights. I mostly bump into the type of men who like to draw curves of your body with their thirsty eyes and voice their thoughts of how dazzling it would be if they would experience the art in reality and quench their curiosity of having a good time with you. In short the Team Mafisi.
I found myself fondling with my hair and playing with my fingers like a sixteen year old. He gave me the kind of feeling you get when you meet with your high school crush who took your breathe away every time he smiled. As he engaged me into his steamy and exciting conversations, I got a little intimidated by his well chiseled face and his bold brown eyes that twinkled whenever the light
Illuminated the pair. I was on top of the moon or maybe I just a little too much wine.
That night ended well and that was the beginning of our tete a tetes. Since then, we have been in communication via texts on whatsapp.
Its Saturday morning, 11am to be exact. I am still waiting for Matheka to send me my money. Saima has tried calling but am evidently ignoring her calls. I did not want to lie to her but am sure she will understand once I explain myself.
My phone is pretty much dead, no one texting on SMS, No calls, it’s just starring at me in emptiness of a dark screen due to being offline. When did phones become so useless without internet? we have resulted to internet functionable mode of communication, whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Viber, Instachat, telegram and the what nots which you can only access if you have your mobile data on other than that, you do not have a social life.
I haven’t seen Adrian’s text yet and Saima probably is hating on me in the group for not picking up her calls. Deni ni mbaya. I was beginning to miss our conversations and was tempted to go online but then I remember Saima’s wrath, I stop myself and act like I’m unavailable at all cost. So what happens if am not online does that mean we cannot communicate. Is it so hard to just SMS me or probably just call and find out why am not replying to your text?
After a while now, I begin to go down memory lane, trying to recall a time that Adrian actually made the effort to call and have a conversation and there was none. In essence, we have only had a relationship on whatsapp alone. Wait? Is this even a relationship? How did I let it go on for long like this. I can’t solely blame the guy because I also allowed it to happen.

My wild mind went on rampage, and we all know very well how a woman can overreact to the slightest smell of a rat and I did exactly that, I decided this is the end of this mambojambo. I will wait for him to react and see if he cares enough to find out why am not replying to his text.
Matheka failed me as well so I had to ask for a loan from Mum to sort Saima out but I still remained offline. Saturday was over and Sunday had began. This whole charade felt so good and now I just needed to know if this relationship is going anywhere or to the dogs.
I was diligent and gave myself a maximum of 4days and wait to see his reaction. We are walking into Wednesday tomorrow, and so far I see no effort.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and make the call myself.
ADRIAN: “Babe, it’s been a while. How are you doing? I have missed you. I wanted us to hangout on Saturday but you didn’t reply so I just went home.”
ME: ” Oh sorry hunn, my phone had software issues so am on a mulika for now, so I didn’t receive your text. Did you try calling?”
ADRIAN: “I sent you a text on whatsapp, when you didn’t reply I thought you were busy”
ME: “OK, well I wasn’t, my phone had issues but it’s all good. I just wanted to check up on you see if you are OK.
ADRIAN: ” Aaaaw thanks Babe. Am good.”
ME: “GREAT!! let’s talk later then. Have a good one. Bye.”

And Friends, and that was the end of that.
We love in text (internet savvy) alone. NO CALLS OR SMS ALLOWED.
However, I am not about that type of communication misfit, I am old school like that.


4 thoughts on “WE LOVE IN TEXT

  1. Hahaha…. I have seen that happen so many times from a friend of mine. It’s always a vicious cycle, you call first the guy answers like it’s business as usual all lovey dovey but you will never see any effort from him…Am so sharing this. Lovely read.


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