Change is as good as a rest. Rest because there’s some calm that comes with the new environment, new adventure, new person. Everything about the new dimensions of life seem to be bringing charming effects, like the  glow on your face. Moments like being a mother for the first time,  for some they experience a new type of love that totally blows them away. When you get married, the new status bring a whole new experience out of your life, a new job, a new house, a new city, a new car, a new friend, a new book the list is endless.


However,  there is change that brings out the worst out of you, overwhelming pain, resentment, stress, tears, anger, boredom, emptiness, scars, confusion,  depression, waste, fear and all the negative feelings that come with loss of something that made your life comfortable. However, when that comfort is taken away, all our fears and distress begin to unveil themselves.
Change from happily married to divorced, widowed, separated. Change from able to disabled. The change that comes from watching your house burn to ashes because of an electric mishap. The change from being a mother to burrying your two year old child. Change from being hired to fired. Change from peace to war. Some of these changes are anticipated but they all hurt to go through. No one likes to start over from scratch especially if you have worked so hard to build. The imagination of loneliness that eches your bedroom after loosing a loved one seems hard to sleep by. The emptiness of loosing a child curves it’s pain through your entire body and the mere sound of child crying brings you to tears.


Is that change really necessary? Did I really deserve it? The answer is NO. No one deserves to suffer, everybody is entitled to their happiness even the beggar on the streets, or the man with no limbs, or the childless mother. Everybody deserves to be happy.
The change we experience in our lives is inevitable. You have to go through change every now and then. We just have to. Otherwise there will be no growth.
For all of you experiencing the dramatic change in your life.
1.Take the first step and accept it because the change has already happened.
2.Embrace the change, then make the next move.
I am not asking you to forget your loved ones you’ve lost, I am asking you to accept that they are gone and wake up to make the next moments of your life count. Celebrate their memory as you embrace the drastic change taking place in your life.
If you have been fired, take a leap of faith, look for another job, start a business, volunteer at the nearby hospital, move to the  upcountry and start farming.
The change is here to stay. We might not like the way it looks,  it may not be the world’s greatest invention but it is happening and it is up to us to make it count.
You are not alone as the change is engulfing in  your life. As overwhelming as it may seem, time will heal it and you can make changes to the new change and everything will be just fine.
I hope I have motivated you, just as I have motivated myself.
This is for all of us going through change.



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