The first time I saw Mr. K was at the campus corridor, he was a smartly dressed guy, cute lips, strict brown eyes and a smile that doesn’t reveal itself completely but its presence peeks through his mouth. I couldn’t stare despite the urge to do so, my mum’s warning towards boys or men made me fear that starring at any man would get me pregnant.

The next time I met him was at the cafeteria, this time he spotted me and came to sit right next to me. I froze, I did not have a clue of what to say to him after he said ‘Hello’ and after some thought I only came up with ‘fine’. It is worse than it looks because all the English I had ever learnt in school disappeared at that very moment.

LoveWe eventually became friends after he struggled for months to befriend this awkward girl who wouldn’t burg to talk to him in public. He was unlike the other chaps, very focused, eloquent, hardworking and a risk taker to say the least. He would help me with my assignments and was always learning new things, how to draw, how to play a musical instrument, a new game or even a new sport. I on the other hand, was what you call a girl with two left hands, (like two left feet), I couldn’t play any music instrument or play any game or sports that involved hand co-ordination that would be the beginning of an epic disaster.
We spent a lot of time together and I slowly began falling in love with him. My mother never warned me about this part of the story where you become too attached to another human being, constantly aching for his presence. When you do not see him for a day, it feels like the sun did not shine on that day. Looking forward to hearing his voice, wanting to take care of another human being who is not related to you. Enjoying every moment together with the stories, laughter and inside jokes that only tickles the two of you. She left that part out every time she yelled about avoiding men, men are trouble.

Couples in LoveThe first time Mr. K kissed me felt like my body was lifted off the ground and my head went completely haywire with jumbled thoughts, happiness and mixed feelings happening all at the same time. I remembered Ne-yo’s song “she makes the hair at the back of my neck stand up” because I could literally feel my hairs standing up like scouts during inspection at the parade. This was all shocking to me because I imagined that falling in love would be such a horrible ordeal probably that’s why maybe my mum never got married but I was completely wrong. It felt so good to be touched, to be held   and to be kissed by this man.

Love ImagesWe had our first time together which became the fourth then the fifth then I lost count. How could I deny this man the pleasure of being with me because everything felt so right. I was madly in love with Mr.K and so was he with me. He got me the most precious gifts, went for walks together, attended service together and the relationship became a part of me.It was not perfect as per say but he was a good man and the good times were really good and plenty.

Some weeks close to the exams, I became a lazy slob. Getting out of bed was an insurmountable task. Doing anything energetic was too much to ask of me. I assumed that I was stressed and needed a rest so I took two days off and rested at the hostels. On following Tuesday, Mr.K and I went for dinner at a nice restaurant in town. Once served, I only took two bites of the meal and complained that it wasn’t well cooked. Mr.K was convinced and had a few words with the manager that led him to offer an entirely fresh meal for free. I ate and finished the new order, with no qualms and life went on. The day that got my utmost attention was the day I almost threw up in class. I couldn’t stand Stella’s perfume, it smelt so horrible on this day. That’s when I knew something was terribly wrong, so I went to see the doctor.

The minute the doctor finished spelling out my condition, I knew that this was that moment.



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