I am just from receiving news that the mother who was being taken to hospital is actually dead, buried and back to dust. I am not a very happy girl right at this point. I began pacing around almost like the soil would miraculously feed me with the answers I needed if I stormed the ground. Just then, Jack the housemate had  realized that he had just snitched on his boy and there was no turning back. He probably wished that he had been warned but this incident caught him off guard, so off guard that he became more pissed than worried .Broken-Heart-Image-DC-02055

My thoughts shifted from maybe he got into an accident, to he should probably get into an accident right about now. I could feel my temperature rising and my body shaking in sheer anger and brewing rage.

“So Fred left and he knew that Lisa’s mum was dead but he still left and made me believe she actually needed his help. Maybe even that wasn’t the conversation I overheard, maybe He just made things up, but where is he? what could he be doing?” I thought.

I continued pacing, and eventually sat down at a stone outside the house. Felt like that stone understood my problems better than a proper seat. After about 30 minutes, I went inside the house looked for Jack and asked him if he knew where Lisa lived. He wasn’t going to snitch again so he was very careful about of what to say. “She flew in a few months ago I don’t know where she lives now!”

Jack wasn’t helping the situation, I went into Facebook, then Instagram and tried to stalk her maybe I could get clues of where to find her or him.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get through Lisa’s Instagram account. Only her followers get to see her photos, so I asked Jack for his phone, he hesitated but I didn’t look like I was taking ‘no’ for an answer so he gave me his phone shingo upande…

I still got nothing, Jack and Lisa weren’t friends either on Facebook or Instagram. These were the times I wished Jack was more outgoing and social. His weird introvert tendencies has led us to a dead end.

It was already evening by now and still no sign of Fred, so I decided to go home. I didn’t want to loose my job as well for a guy who disappeared after a call from the ex-girlfriend.



When I got home, I made all possible calls to whoever I know may know my boyfriend and probably his whereabouts. Someone sent a message on whatsapp groups asking if anyone has seen Fred. By the time, I was going to bed, I hadn’t received any positive replies.

Monday turned to Wednesday then Friday and as the week came to an end, I had a gut feeling that Fred maybe doing this on purpose. I spotted his whatsapp change timings 3 times and truecaller also mentioned he had been using his phone every so often but I didn’t really know with whom. My worry turned into hatred, disappointment and suspicion. I didn’t feel like trying anymore. How is it even possible that, of all those times he has been active on the phone, he did not even think to contact me and let me know he is dong okay.

By Saturday, I had made up my mind, I can’t put up with this anymore. I may as well just end this relationship and move on with my life. I set off to go to his place and pick  my essentials, so that I can finally move on.

No sooner had arrived at the doorstep than a dark pretty lady, with nice looking natural hair, opened the door, on her way out. I spotted a little budge on her stomach but probably she just has a big tummy, nothing too serious. Before I could even say hi, Fred came rushing out asking “Babe, have you seen my phone?”

I don’t know whether you call it rage, but I felt like an earthquake transpired and I immediately let out a gasp as I fell hard on the floor…

I know…I was also in the same suspense. What exactly was going on?

Remember I have just fainted, so you will have to wait for me to regain my consciousness for me to continue my story…

Stay Tuned…



3 thoughts on “CASE OF THE EX 2

  1. They actually look at your messages instantly and blue ticks and no response. Then you will try calling them and the call will be waiting meaning they are comfortably speaking to other people and not you. Anyway those are exes as is the case. *sigh!! Part 3 please E.V.E…


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