I regained my consciousness and found myself in an empty room with the dark pretty lady standing beside me.

“Are you okay? You went out pretty fast!” the lady exclaimed.

I was so confused trying to figure out why I was in an empty room. Had I been kidnapped or what exactly was going on? As I continued to carefully scan the room I saw a familiar crack and polish marks on the wall. This looked like Fred’s house but only empty.

“I am okay, thanks!” I replied.

I tried getting up on my feet  from the naked floor, but I was still too faint to function, so I moved back down.

“Are you looking for Jack? He moved out during the week, He didn’t tell you?” the lady continued. I was just as surprised as she was and was wondering why she thought I was looking for Jack. I assumed that must have been Fred’s doing to remove himself from the equation. How smart? This fainting business gave him an upper hand.

“I didn’t know the boys were moving out?” I mentioned.

“It was last minute really, Fred and I are moving in together and Jack thought he should start his own life as well!” the lady replied.

“I’m really sorry, Jack didn’t mention this to you, its very rude of him. By the way, am Lisa Fred’s girlfriend”

At this point, I could feel my stomach tightening knots and my head still feeling very heavy. I could not bring myself to say or even do anything at this point. However, I was mad, really really mad. My face changed like I had just eaten something bad and my imagination had already gone into action to  bitch slap Lisa and pull her hair a couple of times, but in reality, I was still sitted on the floor trying to get my composure.

Lisa didn’t seem alarmed by me at all, she seemed to have bought the story that I was really looking for Jack and I was probably upset because Jack didn’t inform me. Fred suddenly appeared out of nowhere and hurried us off.

“Sorry we have to leave now, we are headed to give the keys to the landlord, where is the closest place to drop you from here?” Lisa asked.

Fred seemed uneasy almost like a thief who is about to get caught. He must have been shocked to see me at 6.30am standing at the porch of the house. I bet he had planned to move out before I could ever get to see him again and then voila I decided to pop in at that of the morning. I am not a weird person, 6.30am is way too early to be knocking at people’s door but I needed to be there before Jack heads off to church at 7am judging that he may not be coming back the whole day. I needed to get my stuff, not considering that Fred would be back. But clearly, they was a huge change of events.

As we were heading out, I could hear my phone ringing but I just didn’t know where it was. Immediately we got out of the door, Lisa spotted it on the ground and pick it up just as it stopped ringing. Just then, my screensaver came on and she saw a photo of Fred holding a young boy who looks like a mini- him as the screensaver. She then looked at me then at Fred and asked,”Who exactly are you? I thought you were Jack’s girlfriend?”

I didn’t really have the energy to start giving the story or even picking up a fight instead I looked at her and said nothing. Fred looked like he had seen a ghost, he thought he had gotten away with it seeing that so far I hadn’t brought any drama. I really wasn’t feeling well, my body coordination and the rage building inside of me were not working together. I probably would swing a blow and I would have ended up falling instead. So, I didn’t bother and I wasn’t really a fighter, I can only imagine the action but not actually do it.

“I didn’t know you had a son, Fred! You didn’t tell me you were seeing someone else?” Lisa lamented. “What do you take me for? why did you lead me on, if you already had a family? So are you abandoning your family, like your father abandoned your family and married another woman? Really Fred, don’t you have a heart? what kind of human being are you?” Lisa started crying as she moved towards her car parked outside the house.

crying_woman 2

“Yes, I had a son he passed on last year. Things have not been the same between me and her,” as he pointed towards my direction.” All she ever cares about is the dead child, crying, mourning, and always getting depressed. She is not happy anymore, I can never make her happy again. I can’t bring our son back to life.So, when you came back, I wanted to rekindle our love, I wanted to feel normal again and not the father of a dead child, not the man of a woman who is always depressed, so yes I led you on because I wanted out, I wanted a new beginning, I wanted to be with someone who wanted me!” Fred lamented.

Lisa immediately got into the car and drove off. Fred stood there looking at me like I was the most disgusting creature that ever lay on earth.

I stood there watching my world crushing into small tiny pieces, tears streamed down my face, my head span in circles, I wanted to say so much but my throat was clogged with sorrow. I wanted to run so far away to a place unknown but my legs couldn’t move. I felt as if the man I have lived with and loved, had never existed. Don’t they say to love and to hold, for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health but here I am, ‘alone’, left without a notice. I may not have found out why he left if I hadn’t come to pick my things. I really wanted to say something, anything but nothing came out. I gathered myself and started walking away. I did not want to remember anything that had just happened, I did not want to ever see his face ever again. I wanted a fresh start as well and as I walked away, I knew this was the end of Fred and the beginning of a new me!




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