The Weekend

I sat at a local cafe drinking my cup of coffee as I starred into nothingness. I couldn’t bring my thoughts into harmony, despite being in a pleasant ambiance with some smooth jazz playing in the background. Sooner than later, a young couple walked in holding hands while giggling and that caught my attention. They looked like the perfect sight that morning. The lady was dressed in a short blue skirt that held her bottoms to reveal her African figure and a translucent top with polka dots that gave away whats beneath the top  but still left more to be told. The young gentleman had worn a pair of  brown khaki pants and a blue shirt that was well fitting, shaping his upper body in the right areas enough to tease the female eye. I admired the couple from a distance. The way they talked to each other, flirting and laughing, with their their bodies giving away their liking for each other. They reminded me of my state a few months ago.

I continued sipping my coffee as my mind began shuffling down memory lane. The breeze from the window whispered hello past my ears and sent cold shivers down my spine. I hated taking coffee alone especially in a restaurant. However, this day was not like any other.

My morning started at 4.30am in the morning after the constant struggle of catching a wink of sleep. I had finally given up the fight and decided to go downstairs and try reading a book. The house was very quiet, I was alone. It felt different to be alone. While downstairs I heat some water and made a cup of tea as I tried to read a book ‘An independent Woman’ maybe to kick start me in this new journey of being single. Unfortunately, my concentration was wanting, so I stepped out of the house and sat outside the servant quarter’s to finish my cup of tea. My thoughts were all over the place. I should have been prepping to go to work but my body wouldn’t move. I was stuck seated outside the house until the sun rose and the morning shenanigans began. You could here the neighbour’s children rushing up and down the stairs, the scent of breakfast from various homes wafted all over the small estate. This was the second day I was going to miss work.

This was not always my way of life, I was a high spirited human being full of life and energy that at times it became annoying to those around me. I had been single for two years until I met David right after I finished campus. We didn’t exactly start dating immediately we met but we somehow became very good friends. He was seeing someone else at that time. I never thought much about his relationship, he was just a guy I knew through a friend and that was it. After a while, about six months, David broke up with his girlfriend. I didn’t even get to ask why because we weren’t close enough. H e started seeing other people and I was really less concerned because then I was seeing a guy called Charlie. So, about 2 years into meeting David, being his friend, we started dating. Somehow, somewhere along seeing other people, hanging out with the same friends, brought us closer and we eventually found our path to each other.

David was a sweet charming guy, had a high sense of humor and was quick with the tongue as well. He was what you call a know it all but had a way of making people love him. He was one likable human being with a whole constituency of friends , he would easily run for the Nairobi MCA seat and get it.

When we started dating, David had just landed his job at a Bank as the Business Operations Manager. He was now making good money and could afford to drive an expensive car and take me out to expensive escapades every once in a while. I was happy, he looked happy too. After about a year, he took me to meet the mum back at their country home in Ukunda and I knew this was us taking a step further into the relationship. The mum was pleased to receive me. We shared a coastal meal and started our way back to Nairobi the following day.

Whenever the mum called from that day onward, we would have a conversation on loud speaker, laugh and give updates of how our lives are evolving and whats new both in Ukunda and in Nairobi. Moreover, she came to Nairobi a couple of times and I would take my day off my business and chaperone her to wherever she needed to go and bring her back to David’s place in the evening.

My love for David grew and I got pretty much absorbed into his life and it felt like everything I had ever imagined. So two years down the line, We had already moved in together and I even moved my office closer to my where we lived for easier access to my work station.

One time, David and his friends planned a trip to Kisii. He insisted that it was a guy thing, so I couldn’t go with him. I didn’t make much of it because once in a while we spend time with our friends without the presence of each other. As the weekend of the trip came closer I noticed that David had a new suit. Being the woman that I am, I became excited maybe there is a special occasion and he wants to surprise me, so I didn’t ask about it. Come the weekend, his friends came for David at the house and they left. No surprise yet.the-suit

As I was tiding the bedroom before getting to the shower, I noticed the suit was missing. I checked everywhere but nothing. He must have gone with the suit to Kisii, but why? I thought he went for a Kisii rendezvous with the boys, mostly drinking and catching up, why would he carry a suit?


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