Heavy Battles

It was hours since I last saw my husband Jerry.He was the quiet one in the relationship. He didn’t say much but he had that hidden humor that only certain people would get. I don’t know how I ended up with him but oh well 10years later we were still together. We had an understanding, … More Heavy Battles


Friend: How are you?  Me: I am fine, how about you?  This is the constant to every greeting and sometimes it’s not the case. You are not fine. You have just cleared your throat after crying a whole night on the floor of your bedroom. You have a headache from the crying and you can … More Relapse

Power Play

The day was finally here, I was excited, this was going to be my first Pre-Production Meeting and I couldn’t wait to get to the office. I had gone over my to do list in the matatu over a hundred times, just to make sure I got everything right.So far, everything was going according to … More Power Play

The Weekend Pt 2

The suit was on my mind the whole weekend. We all know how crazy a lady’s mind can get especially when the curiosity button is activated. I didn’t want to think the worst but I had no idea why a suit would boggle my mind that much. Maybe this was my sixth sense telling me … More The Weekend Pt 2